Important: rpc.ag is under heavy development until v1.0, breaking changes are likely.

For blockchain world, rpc.ag is the homepage of infrastructure, offering the widest range of providers for you to choose or you simply let us route your request to the fastest provider. We aim to provide better observability and monitoring along with the most friendly UX for the web3 projects.

For developers, rpc.ag aggregates free tiers (and some free nodes from good providers) to provide you free nodes during your development journey.

For node providers, you can help devs by giving only 1 node instead of creating lots of free nodes. rpc.ag proxy will distribute different keys and manage them for you at proxy level.

For big projects, do you want to take advantage of getting service from multiple providers but you can't even consume a limit of 1 of them and you waste resources? rpc.ag can help you to get small nodes from multiple providers and distribute your calls between them.

For small projects with big nodes, can't you fully utilize your node? No problem, give away your remaining limit without giving your api key.

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